10 noteworthy items in my studio


1. A basket filled with other baskets. Why I keep these baskets is unknown. Nor do I know exactly where they came from.

2. A floor lamp plucked from the curb. It works, but is ugly.

3. Laundry (the reds).

4. A smallish watering can that came with my house. I believe it has the ability to heat up, but I’m not certain of this.

5. A yellow ceramic pot that I won in a family game by turning pennies over really fast.

6. Wood filler for the bookshelves under construction downstairs. That the wood filler is in my studio upstairs should give you a good sense of the project’s pace and progress.

7. A missing drawer, used in a pinch to catch water in the basement.

8. A nautical chart of Salem harbor that is bound to come in handy.

9. A Newbury Comics mug that has held paintbrushes for approximately 15 years.

10. Tea.

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3 thoughts on “10 noteworthy items in my studio

  1. And number 10 – Tea! I worked for a tea importer in college. Hold a bunch of worthless tea info with me still!

  2. What I forgot to add is that my studio space also has it’s share of tea. Right now it’s Numi’s Breakfast blend.

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