Some words about Greta…

Welcome to my sketch-a-day blog. Let’s kick things off with a very important post about my dog, Greta.

When Greta sleeps, the house is quiet.

When Greta sleeps, the house is quiet.

Greta has a tail that is too small and ears that are too big. She has a mustache.  There are lots of things Greta does not like. Some of these things are:
1. Bicycles
2. Dinner parties
3. Rain
4. Trash day
5. You

But there are some things that she enjoys. Namely:
1. Adding bald patches to rugs where there were none
2. Terrorizing birds
3. The strawberries from the garden that I was looking forward to

Although Greta is a tough judge of character, if you earn her respect she will keep you safe from threats. Like joggers and baby carriages.

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4 thoughts on “Some words about Greta…

  1. I love her, even if she doesn’t love me. 🙂

  2. Debra Robinson on said:

    I love Greta and she knows it. I can feel her love when I stare into her eyes while I am petting hrt. She also loves treats and possibly Agatha. Greta is just spirited!

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